Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!
Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!
Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust! Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust! Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!
Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust! Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!
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Clean out your jewelry boxes of all those old broken chains, rings, earrings, unwanted or outdated, inherited jewelry, class rings, even dental gold. I am buying all karats of gold, sterling silver flat wear and serving sets, coins up to 1964 and platinum. 

I'll gladly answer any jewelry questions you may have.

Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!
Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!


Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!


Any old jewelry made of gold (any karat), silver or platinum

Gold flakes and nuggets

Dental gold

Gold Coins, Kruggerrands, Maple Leafs, Americal Liberties, etc

Gold watches, Pocket watches

Sterling Silver flatware and serving pieces, candlesticks, tea service sets, etc

Silver coins dated up to 1964

Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust! Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust! Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust! Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust! Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!

RON THE GOLD GUY - A High school jewelry course set a career path for Ron 30 years ago. Perhaps it was not an unlikely path considering his American Indian heritage when you think about the craft as just that. Raised by a single mother who was intent on her son being self-sufficient, Ron was asked to make a decision at 18 on what he wanted to do after high school. That high school jewelry class had captured his interest more than anything and seemed worth pursuing. So mom set up a goldsmith apprenticeship with Van Dykes Jewelry Store in Des Moines, Iowa while Ron was a senior in high school and he continued working there for a year after graduating. He still remembers his mentor, Mr. Van Dyke, after nearly a year at the bench, commenting to Ron, “It sounds like you’re starting to get the feel of your file”. Persistence paid off.

After a move to Denver and then Vail, Colorado, fate played its hand again. When his construction tool box was stolen off the back of his motorcycle and with no money to replace the tools, Ron answered an ad for a jeweler at the Golden Bear in Vail, Colorado. He got the job and thus began a 30 year jewelry career in the Rocky Mountains, working later at Hughes Precious Metals at the top of Bridge Street in Vail, and finally taking the leap to being a business owner himself in 1991.
HD Studios, Fine Designs in Gold began as a charm wholesale business with then partner Jim Hagius. HD was the first initials of their last names-Hagius and Denning. Jim passed away in 1998, but Ron remains loyal to the memories of his talented friend and business partner whose creations are still represented today in Ron’s charm line.

A self-proclaimed ski bum and outdoorsman, the charm line is inspired by Ron’s love of all things in nature and the outdoor lifestyle which he embraces in the beautiful area he lives in with his wife and daughters. He has also mastered the art of hand forging, as well as creating beautiful pieces with Elk Ivory. His Indian ancestors would be proud.

Beyond his work as a craftsman, Ron buys precious metals for the purpose of recycling. With the high prices of gold, silver and platinum and a struggling economy, Ron has been able to help hundreds of people by paying them for old unwanted jewelry, coins and nuggets, silverware, etc... Ron says jewelry is one of the few used items you may have that have retained so much value after you’re done using it. If you’re looking for a little extra cash you can look to Ron to pay you top dollar. You can make even more money by hosting a “Gold Party” and inviting your friends to recycle their unwanted metals. Contact Ron directly at 970-390-8229 to find out more!


Most gold pieces are stamped with a karat. Look closely and you will likely find a 10k, 14k, 22k, or 24k stamp.

This stamp refers to the percentage of pure gold the piece contains.

10K is 41.67% gold

14k is 58.33% gold

18k is 75% gold

22k is 91.6% gold

24k is 100% gold

So let’s say, for instance that you have and ounce of 14k gold. You really have 58% of an ounce of gold.

Gold weights are most often referred to as penny weights or grams.  There are 20 pennyweights in an ounce of gold.  There are 31.1 grams in an ounce of gold. You will find that pennyweights is more commonly used in the recycling process because of the easier mathematical equation.



I am a full service jeweler specializing in recycling, repairing and remaking old jewelry as well as creating new pieces.

I own a ski and outdoor charm line which has been selling nationally for 20 years.

I have been buying and recycling precious metals since 2008 and have served over 1,000 people in Colorado and Wyoming.

I offer free design consultations.

I strive to make meetings at a time and location convenient to my customers.

Many customers would like to sell their gold but keep the stones.  I will pull the stones and send them to you at no charge.

You may also mail in your pieces for a free quote. If you choose to accept my offer I will refund you your shipping costs.  If you don’t I will return your goods at my own expense. call me at (970) 390-8229 for more information regarding this procedure.

I keep my overhead low so that I can pay more to my customers.


Ron the Gold Guy - a name you can trust!

Ron will evaluate your pieces as you watch and pay
you $$$ on the spot !!!
Don’t Hesitate - Call Him Now!


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